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It's a good idea to keep a written pain and injury log after a slip and fall accident, along with photos of any visible injuries. If you don't, you'll likely to forget the extent of your suffering before the case makes it to court. Keep track of the relevant prescription meds, too.

Many large businesses keep accident report forms on hand, if only for their employees. If you're hurt in a slip and fall, ask the manager for an accident report form to fill out, and make copies for them and you. If there are no forms available, take copious notes of the conditions that may have contributed to the accident.

In the even of a serious slip and fall, you should be sure to get a sample of any substance, if any, that contributed to the accident. You may have to preserve it in your freezer or refrigerator. In addition, store the shoes and clothes you were wearing in a safe place; you never know what the court may ask to see.

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Looking for a Trenton Slip and fall lawyer?

"Who is a slip and fall lawyer?
Slip and fall lawyer is a skilled professional, who traditionally specializes in providing legal representation in claims of slipping and falling.

Why do you look for one?
If you need a professional slip and fall lawyer:
» Because you have fallen,
» To help get your medical bills taken care of,
» To get the compensation you deserve,
» To get changes in policy to prevent further problems,
» To learn if someone did something wrong to cause this,
then you look for a slip and fall lawyer.

Where do you find a slip and fall lawyer?
Firmcity will help you to find the best attorney providing professional, attentive, and timely services. Check our listings to find the best attorney close to you. Whether a small legal firm or a large fleet of lawyers, you should prefer a licensed slip and fall lawyer."
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